Our Program

Nestled on 80 acres of stunning ranch land in Alberta, we are a private non-12 step program. With the guidance of our team, each individual will have input towards their own recovery. Everyone is different and every recovery is as well. Our clients will have the opportunity to take back their lives from the throes of addiction.

We offer:

One on One Therapy 

Group and Individual Therapy

Spiritual Development and Growth

The Science of Addiction

Family Therapy

After Care Plans

Continuous Lifetime Support Network

30, 45, 60, and 90 day programs

Personal Fitness Programs

Private Rooms

Post Secondary and Trade Education Assistance

Health and Dental Services

Career Placement Services

As Well As Introducing and Educating People on:

Working with Livestock, Horticulture, Agriculture, Gardening, ATV's, Camping, Weekend Adventures and Exploring, Construction, Ranch Life, Cooking, Yoga, Meditation, Machinery, Mechanics, Cultures, Finance, History, Social Programs. 

Our Program is an Adventure into Discovery. We Invite You to Joins Us and Take Back Your Life.